Email Conversation with Craig Newmark

To my surprise, it is a lot easier than I expected to get in touch with Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist.

Yesterday, I published a proposal that explains how Craigslist could become a philanthropic giant, and before going to bed, I sent a email to Craig. I figured that he was probably so busy that he’d never get back to me, but when I woke up this morning, his response was waiting in my inbox (does he ever sleep?).

In short, I had a email conversation – about 10 emails – with Craig and Jim Buckmaster (CEO of Craigslist) and “for the foreseeable future” they don’t expect to implement something in the vein of my idea.

They haven’t convinced me to change my mind and I think the net amount of good that Craigslist does would be greater if they did something like what I proposed, but it’s their business and their decision.

I don’t want to reveal more than that here because it is a private conversation, but I was impressed by how nice and accessible they are. Kudos guys!

As I told Craig, if he ever changes his mind, I’ll fly to San Francisco and be there “clapping and smiling” for the announcement.

7 Responses to “Email Conversation with Craig Newmark”

  1. Michael Anissimov Says:

    Oh well. Nice try. Funny how people who even have the tendency to bother to do things like this have de facto orders of magnitude more potential for influencing the state of the world over average smart people.

  2. Robert Cash Says:

    So what are Craig’s and Jim’s e-mail addresses? I read an article in the New York Times that detailed Craig’s interest in microlending, and I wanted him to know about the product I developed, the Open Loan System.
    I’d much appreciated this info, confidentially of course.

  3. bsdetector Says:

    Michael Graham Richard: You are a fibber too. jim buckmaster does not reply to emails nor does he engage in party-line emails with craig.

    craig almost always replies.

  4. Michael Graham Richard Says:

    Hi bsdetector,

    I don’t know what Mr. Buckmaster usually does, but I did get emails from him, and I still have them archived in gmail.

  5. Mr Michaels Says:

    I would like craigs email ..tks

  6. Michael Graham Richard Says:

    Sorry Mr Michaels but I don’t feel comfortable giving Craig’s email without his permission. It’s not that hard to find, though.

  7. Ross Elmore Says:

    Could you please help me find an email address for Craig Newmark? I have a proposal for him to provide his experience on a website that I am building. I think that it could be as successful as craigslist in a very short time… will blow his mind that it has not been done yet.
    Sincerely: Ross Elmore

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