First Two Weeks of This Blog

Since I haven’t been involved with a new blog in a long time – not since when blogs were just starting to become more mainstream – I’ve been wondering what the launch of a new one would look like.

Here are the stats for the first 2 weeks of this blog. I’ve written 7 posts including the short introduction one, and have gotten about 1,900 visits so far. That’s an average of 317 visits per post if I don’t count the short introduction, but as you can see from the graph below, it wasn’t evenly distributed.

Traffic for MGR, first two weeks

The first peak is mostly due to my Near Earth Objects and Asteroids post which generated some inbound links, a mention on a podcast and some Google traffic; the post about Carol Dweck’s theory got a lot less attention though Guy Kawasaki sent an email saying he liked it; Paul Graham’s Economic Theory sent over some Reddit and Google traffic, but not tons; the two posts about Craigslist (one, two) didn’t generate the public discussion I was hoping for even if it was interesting to get a direct response from Craig Newark and Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist’s CEO; finally, the other big peak came from my First Potentially Habitable Planet Outside the Solar System post, which I published a day before the story broke on CNN and other big media channels — that can probably explain the extra attention.

So far it would seem that astronomy posts are the most popular, and that’s cool because I intend to keep writing about that topic, but I also have ideas for more posts about psychology and sociology, security and cryptography, and various other things. Stay tuned, stay curious.

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