Space Telescopes Post Reaction MGR

Welcome to all the new readers. I’m impressed by all the interest in that post. It actually got more traffic in less than 24 hours than this whole blog in the past 30 days combined, and I thought I was doing pretty good. The post boosted my ranking on to featured blog on the frontpage, to #1 in the Top Posts list and #6 #5 in the Top Blogs list.

My interests are eclectic, but I’ll definitely keep writing posts in the style of the Space Telescopes and Asteroids ones. As a reader, I really like it when someone takes the time bring together – in a newbie-friendly way – a lot of scattered information about an interesting topic. I’ve become interested in many things after reading good introductory articles, so that’s what I try to create. At the same time, I learn a lot researching and writing, so it’s clearly win-win.

4 Responses to “Space Telescopes Post Reaction”

  1. Michael Anissimov Says:

    Wow! What a way to start off your blog. Let us know when you’re off the front page how many views you got. Maybe 50,000, 60,000 in total?

    This also proves that a blog is just a name, it’s the people behind them that make it successful or not.

  2. mel Says:

    you kinda look like wil wheaton in this pic! your post was most interesting, and timely too, as my son and i were just discussing space/telescopes last week.


  3. Razib Says:

    Congratulations Michael!

    Yes, I want to know too how many hit you got at your blog that day.

    Canvas of life – The lives of real people around

  4. Michael G.R. Says:

    Hi Michael, Razib,

    Actually, while the traffic did dwarf what I had here before, it wasn’t that huge compared to some other traffic spikes I’ve seen (on my day-job blog,, we’ve had many 200,000 pageview days).

    I’d say the Space Telescope post brought in about 10,000 viewers over the past couple of days (it’s not over yet). Most from, and Stumbleupon.

    It probably has something to do with the headline being about Space Telescopes. I’d have gotten more clicks if it had been something about some celebrity’s underwear, some politician saying something stupid or the imminent threat of some major catastrophe.

    Still, am quite pleased. Always fun to see so many people interested in reading about science-related topics.

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