Change Your Living Environment Before it Changes You

I’m not the first one to say this, but I think it’s more important than most people realize: You have to consciously design your living environment to leverage its influence on you and emphasize the things that you consider beneficial.

For example, if you think that reading books is a good thing, you should make sure that your living space has a quiet and comfortable spot where you can read, that you have enough easy-to-reach shelf space for your “to read” books (as opposed to storing them somewhere out of sight) and that you keep your library card on hand.

Now an example of something you might want to de-emphasize: Television. You can put your television in a room that is dedicated to that function so that it doesn’t become the default thing to do when you sit down in the living room. You can also unsubscribe to cable (or not subscribe in the first place) and only watch shows on DVD (forces you to be more selective, doesn’t tie you to a weekly schedule and you don’t waste time with commercials). You certainly don’t want to put a TV in your bedroom or buy very expensive hardware and monthly subscriptions that will make you feel like you have to get your money’s worth.

These are just two obvious examples, but once you start consciously thinking about how your living environment is set up, the possibilities for optimization are almost unlimited. Just don’t fall into the common trap of thinking that it doesn’t matter if your sports gear is stored in a remote corner of the basement or that you can easily control how much TV you watch even if there’s a TV with cable in each room where you usually sit down. It doesn’t work like that, people don’t usually swim upstream for very long.


One Response to “Change Your Living Environment Before it Changes You”

  1. Ladarzak Says:

    Quiet. Yes, I agree. Like in a room with closed windows, no matter how hot the weather, and with earplugs in the ears. The world has become noisy to an oppressive degree.

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