Orbit@Home Funded by NASA


Orbit@Home, a distributed computing project I’ve written about in my Asteroid post, will be funded by NASA for the next three years.

Here is the announcement:

Jul 23, 2007
Orbit@Home Selected for Funding by NASA

We’re pleased to announce that this project has been selected for funding by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Our proposal was submitted in response to the Applied Information Systems Research (AISR) element of the Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science 2006 solicitation. Approximately 160 proposals were submitted in response to this solicitation, representing a potential over-subscription of the nominal budget by more than a factor of six.

This funding will provide partial support for this project for the next three years, allowing us to acquire the required computer hardware and to get started with the software development, focusing on two Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) research areas:
1) develop a search strategy for NEAs surveys that maximizes the volume covered in the space of the orbital elements of the NEAs;
2) demonstrate the applicability and advantages of using distributed computing to monitor the impact hazard posed by NEAs to the Earth.

We plan to start releasing clients for all the major platforms, and the relative work units, by the end of 2007.


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