Teaching Myself Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Textbooks

I have decided to teach myself molecular biology in my free time. Not that I have lots of free time, but I figure I might as well use it to learn something really interesting.

I have ordered Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry (fourth edition, from 2004) and am planning to also get the fifth edition of Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts & al. when it comes out on December 31st, 2007 (the picture above is of the fourth edition).

Reviews for these two textbooks are great, and I’ve got some personal recommendations from friends who have studied biology.

These should give me a solid start. I’ll try to document my progress on this blog; hopefully this will inspire others to take that crucial first step and teach themselves subjects that can be intimidating at first. I won’t pretend I’m not intimidated… But this should be fun.


3 Responses to “Teaching Myself Molecular Biology”

  1. Miguel Says:

    wOOH, what such start!!. I just hope you can deal with all that. I’ve done it in 5 years of the biology degree at univ. The theme is absolutely worth it. I reccomend you “Molecular cell biology” by Lodish or better for a start “Molecular Biology of the Gene” by Watson JD. But those are a supreme selection anyway.

  2. In the Mail: Molecular Biology of the Cell « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] Teaching Myself Molecular Biology […]

  3. hnin aye Says:

    I like to study this book

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