LysoSENS Update

This is a follow up to Cemetery Excursions: Hunting Bacteria to Help LysoSENS.

Today I received a email from John Schloendorn (interview with him here) from the LysoSENS research project at the Biodesign Institute in Arizona:

Hey Michael!
All your 3 samples had degraders of an advanced glycation end-product [AGE]. Such degraders are quite common, but three in a row is pretty good. Perhaps that is a point for graveyard-soil. I still need bigger statistics to answer that. I also don’t know yet if they eat it in the right way. Anyway, thanks for this & I hope we can pull their genes out some time not too far away. cheers,

I was quite happy to learn that my samples were not useless.

When I first went out to dig, I had only read about Aubrey de Grey‘s theories about cemeteries, so that’s where I went. But in the days following the shipping of my samples, further reading seemed to indicate that high soil biodiversity was the most important factor, and I can certainly think of places around here that are better in that regard than boring homogeneous suburb cemeteries. If after further tests these samples turn out to be really interesting, I’ll be happy to go hunt for more promising sites in the region.

John also said he liked the Toblerone chocolate I included in the package.

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