Growing Chili




You can see high resolution versions here.

See also: Winter Chili.

3 Responses to “Growing Chili”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I had a go at growing chillis when I was at university. I put months of effort into them, and they only produced enough for one very, very hot meal.

    Very satisfying it was, though.

  2. Michael Graham Richard Says:

    This plant actually produced quite a few peppers through the summer. It will probably slow down now that the light won’t be as good…

    I love caring for “functional” plants, by which I mean that they look good but also give you something you can use.

  3. Photo: Chili Overload « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] another fascinating update about my Chili plant. I first wrote about it last Autumn, then gave you an update about my hand-pollinated winter Chili […]

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