Photos: Autumn

It’s a nice day so I decided to take a walk and snap some photos around the neighborhood. It’s finally starting to look like autumn even though it’s still warmer than historical averages. It isn’t rare to see snow this time of year, but last year we had to wait until late December.











Update: You can see more Autumn-themed photos here. You can see high resolution versions of all my Autumn-themed photos here.

4 Responses to “Photos: Autumn”

  1. Steve Olson Says:

    Great photos. Where are you? Quebec? I love autumn. My favorite time of year.

  2. Michael Graham Richard Says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m in Gatineau, near Ottawa but on Quebec’s side.

  3. Photos: Autumn Part 2 « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] Autumn Part 2 This is a follow up to this post. You can see large versions of all those photos […]

  4. A Demented ShArk Says:

    I loved your pics, and I love autumn too. ‘s great to live in such a nice place

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