Bathsheba Grossman’s Art

Bathsheba Grossman - Antichron

I just discovered Bathsheba Grossman’s art, and I’m hooked.

I spent a long time looking at each sculpture and crystal laser etching on her site and ended up ordering the Mega DNA crystal along with the White light LED stand. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get more at some point in the future.

Bathsheba Grossman - DNA

About the laser crystal technique:

The points are tiny (.1mm) fractures created by a focused laser beam. The conical beam, with a focal length of about 3″, shines into the glass without damaging it except at the focal point. At that one point, concentrated energy heats the glass to the cracking point, causing a microfracture.

To draw more points, the laser is pulsed on and off. To make the beam move between points, it’s reflected from a mirror that is repositioned between pulses. The mirror is moved by computer-controlled motors, so many points can be drawn with great speed and accuracy. A typical design might use several hundred thousand points, or half a million isn’t unusual in a large block, each placed with .001″ accuracy.

Here are some other cool crystals:

Bathsheba Grossman - DNA Polymerase
DNA Polymerase

Bathsheba Grossman - Star Map
Our Neighborhood, 10 Lightyears to the Inch

Bathsheba Grossman - Calabi-Yau Quintic
A Cross-Section of the Calabi-Yau Quintic

Enough crystals for now. Check out these sculptures:

Bathsheba Grossman - Soliton

Bathsheba Grossman - Ora

Bathsheba Grossman - Quintrino

Bathsheba Grossman - 24 Cells
The 24-Cell

Bathsheba Grossman - 120 Cells
The 120-Cell

Many of the sculptures are for sale in different sizes, and there’s more models than what I show here. If you’re curious about the techniques she uses to design and create the sculptures, check out this page.

For the biologists out there who would like specific proteins in crystals, is a side project of Bathsheba and they make on-demand proteins.

2 Responses to “Bathsheba Grossman’s Art”

  1. In the Mail: DNA Crystal « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] this post for more details about Bathsheba Grossman’s […]

  2. steve pitt Says:

    This is truly multi-dimensional art. the 24-cell is one of my favorite 4-D platonic solids. I do yantra’s of 4-D platonic solids but this work humbles me into spiritual appreciation of the artists soul. namaste’

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