In the Mail: Molecular Biology of the Cell

By Alberts & al. 5th edition. According to Amazon, it’s supposed to come out on December 31st, but here it is in all its glory:






6 Responses to “In the Mail: Molecular Biology of the Cell”

  1. In the Mail: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] In the Mail: Molecular Biology of the Cell « Michael Graham Richard Says: November 26, 2007 at 4:17 pm […]

  2. overpriced designer man bag Says:

    oh good – it’s not magenta! The front cover doesn’t look as slick as the 4th edition. All well – it was about time the book got an update.

  3. Incubating a New Project « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] Maybe I could document my journey through a difficult book too. The first that comes to mind is Molecular Biology of the Cell, a technical but fascinating and well-written molecular biology textbook. I want to better […]

  4. Is There a DNA Puzzle in Alberts’ Molecular Biology of the Cell? « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] November, I bought Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts (5th edition). I’m a few chapters in, and so far it’s an excellent textbook, […]

  5. 7 Questions « Michael Graham Richard Says:

    […] I’m currently reading Molecular Biology of the Cell (Alberts, 5th edition), and it is fascinating. I look at the world in a whole new way because of […]

  6. morison dony Says:

    I really liked your blog!

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