More Methuselah Foundation Good News

I’m happy to report that December 2007 year-end donations to fund the Methuselah Foundation’s Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) research program succeeded in matching two consecutive $25,000 matching grants from Michael Cooper and Doug Arends. Many thanks to all the donors who helped to make this possible!

There’s more to come, however. Looking to the year ahead, and plans for expansion into new branches of SENS research, Foundation supporter Ryan Scott has set up a $100,000 matching fund for all research donations made in 2008. The same rules apply as for this past December: donations are first matched 100% by Ryan’s fund, and then that total is matched again at 50% by Peter Thiel’s $3 million matching fund. That means that all your SENS research donations will be tripled – a $100 donation becomes $300 for new research into longevity medicine.

Jump on in! These are the early years in a steep growth curve – and it’s up to all of us to help make that statement true. Donations to help bring about a future of greater health and longevity can be made at the Methuselah Foundation website, where you can also learn more about how funds are spent and the results achieved to date.

Be generous. Invest in something that could have hugely beneficial returns for all of humanity, including yourself.

See also: The Most Important Thing That Happened In 2007 at Fight Aging.

Update: The Economist has an article about the fight against aging and SENS.

To better understand what the Methuselah Foundation is about, check out this Aubrey de Grey speech. There’s a longer speech he gave at Google here. You can also read Aubrey de Grey’s book.

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