Orbit@Home News: New Servers Installed

Orbit at Home Server

The Orbit@Home site was updated with some news today:

On February 28th, 2008 we’ve received the new orbit@home server. It has 2 quad-code Xeon CPUs, 8 GB of memory, fast SCSI raid disks, and is powered by a dedicated UPS unit. Right after receiving it, we’ve deployed it in the Planetary Science Institute’s IT room, and installed the Linux Ubuntu Server OS on it. This initial phase took only just over two hours. After that, we’ve installed all the software necessary to operate a BOINC-based project, including the web server and all its components. At this time (March 2nd, 2008), all the components are in place, BOINC is installed, and we plan to publish the complete system tomorrow. The main page of the project is handled by the Drupal CMS, an excellent piece of software that will help us communicate the mission of this project and its result to the public.

The project, when running, will calculate the orbit of as many near Earth objects as possible and report quickly the results so that – if need be – we can act.

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2 Responses to “Orbit@Home News: New Servers Installed”

  1. Misfit Says:

    They got a leak in their ceiling. So how did you get this pic so quick?

  2. Michael Graham Richard Says:

    I don’t have any spies on the inside 😉 Pic simply comes from the Orbit@home site.

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