Interview with Michael Anissimov

Future Blogger has a very good interview with Michael Anissimov. It covers a lot of ground. Check it out:

V: What do you do and how is that related to the future?

MA: I am a blogger, fundraising director for the Lifeboat Foundation (LF), a director of the World Transhumanist Association (WTA) and a science/tech writer. All of these are related to futurism – my blog discusses futurist issues, the LF looks at future risks, and the WTA represents the futurist philosophy of transhumanism. As a science/tech writer, I do some writing about the latest technologies and materials, like carbon nanofoam or hypersonic flight, but equally enjoy writing about the frontiers of the sciences like paleontology, astronomy, and biology. Not everything I do relates to futurism, but much of it does.

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