AGING: The Disease, The Cure, The Implications

Aging 2008 image

On Friday, June 27th, leading scientists and thinkers in stem cell research and regenerative medicine will gather in Los Angeles at UCLA for Aging 2008 to explain how their work can combat human aging, and the sociological implications of developing rejuvenation therapies.

Aging 2008 is free, with advance registration required at

There’s a press release here, and you can find more information on the official Aging 2008 website.

If you are not familiar with longevity science, Aubrey de Grey’s TED talk is a good starting point. If that intrigues you, his book Ending Aging is the next logical step.

Update Great news! I email Jeff Hall, the coordinator of Aging 2008, to ask if videos of the event would be made available online. He answered that they will “be filming the entire event and putting it up on youtube.”

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