Photo: Chili Overload

Here’s another fascinating update about my Chili plant. I first wrote about it last Autumn, then gave you an update about my hand-pollinated winter Chili crop.

I thought that 7 peppers at once was a pretty good harvest. Boy, was I wrong. Above is a photo I just took of the very same plant. It now lives in my parents’ garden and it looks like it’s about to collapse from the sheer weight of all those chili peppers. Incredible.

The lettuce is also doing well.

2 Responses to “Photo: Chili Overload”

  1. theelectricpulse Says:


    I’ve been gardening recently and since I live in Sandpoint, ID (which is right on the Canadian border) we’re growing at similar latitudes.

    Hopefully there’s enough time left in the growing season, because you’ve inspired me now to plant some peppers.

  2. Michael Graham Richard Says:


    I think if you get a plant that is mature enough to have flowers, you should still have enough time to get some peppers. Worse case, you can just keep it in a pot and bring it inside the house next Autumn.

    That’s what I’ve been doing, and it kept producing flowers during the winter, so I just hand-pollinated it and it made more peppers.

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