I am on Yahoo’s Front Page

Yahoo Frontpage image

An article I wrote yesterday, 5 Eco-Cars Faster than the Porsche 911, is currently featured on Yahoo’s front page. It’s sending so much traffic to our servers that we’re taking a break and staying away from the backend.

This reminds me of the late 1990s: I was all excited when something I wrote made it to Slashdot.org. Actually, I think I was more excited back then. I suppose you can get blasé about such things…

Update: Even with heavy-duty caching done by Akamai, the traffic was still too much and killed our servers. One of our stats tool shows 949k pageviews today so far, and the majority of those all hit inside a 2-3 hours window. Preliminary reports are that one hard drive actually had a mechanical failure, and the site was inaccessible for a while (total pageviews would have been even higher otherwise).

4 Responses to “I am on Yahoo’s Front Page”

  1. Chris K. Haley Says:

    Wow and congratulations! It’s a great idea for an article and you did a nice job on it.

  2. The Electric Pulse Says:

    Congrats man! I’m honored to have an internet big shot reading my blog 🙂

  3. Jennifer Says:

    congrstd, what an achievement.

  4. crazyasuka Says:


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