“Representatives” vs. “Leaders”

Letter from Economist

Source: The Economist, December 6th edition

3 Responses to ““Representatives” vs. “Leaders””

  1. Marco Says:

    one of the candidates for president in Germany said somthing simular.
    She said that we have a culture of nominal members. People don’t re-think things.
    That is the reason why the 3. Reich could happen and also it explains the current crisis.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rockin’ Regards,

  2. Noumenon Says:

    Nice photography.

  3. grantman Says:

    ..amazing how we can go from an era of too many Indians and not enough chiefs to exactly the opposite..I suppose that if we had a leader or two that made some decisons that weren’t soley for the benefit of who was paying them, we might regain some confidence in our leadership. But for right now; its everyman for himself!

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