Lack of Updates

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. This is the longest hiatus that this blog ever had.

I simply haven’t felt like writing here recently, and decided not to force it.

For those who are curious: The move to Ottawa went well. Mélanie and I have started to plan our wedding, which should take place during the summer of 2010 (we’d like August 21st, since that would be the 7th anniversary of us going out together, but we might have to settle for another date).

I suspect I’ll start writing here again soon. I’m getting the itch, but I’m not sure what to write about yet.

One Response to “Lack of Updates”

  1. Michael Tischer Says:

    Glad to hear the move went well! I am currently exploring moving to Toronto as an option from Milwaukee and even the thought of a move can become overwhelming. Must feel great to have that done and over with.

    As a reader of your postings here and on Treehugger, one thing I’ve enjoyed is hearing what you are currently reading, your opinions and tactics. I say tactics because I find myself identifying with you in that I will read books that I feel I should read or that I feel would push me even if they don’t interest me greatly, lots of educational and nonfiction. Many don’t have this discipline so it’s interesting to hear you discuss it.

    Hope everything else is going great!

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