Organizations I Support

Here are some organizations that I think are doing important work and that I support. So far I haven’t given away that much money, but I plan to increase my contribution in the future.

So far I have donated to:

The SENS Foundation is a spin off from the Methuselah Foundation (read this page for the background story). What is SENS? This speech given at the TED conference by biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey gives an overview. Update: Tere’s a longer speech he gave at Google here, but I recommend reading Aubrey’s book Ending Aging. Update 2: Aubrey on CNN. Update 3: A more recent video of Aubrey speaking at MIT. Update 4: Videos from a talk given in October 2011 at the MIT Club.

Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The SIAI is working on ensuring that the risks and the benefits of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI, as opposed to Narrow AI) are well understood, and that a solid theory of Friendly AI (FAI) exists to guide research in that field. They also work on preventing existential risks.

Other organizations worth supporting:

Lifeboat Foundation logo

Foresight Logo

Why those?

There are many other great organizations doing important work in other fields (environmental, human rights, poverty, etc), but I feel that my limited resources make a bigger difference (higher marginal utility) with the more “under the radar” and cutting edge orgs listed above.

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